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FAQ About Renting Cars in Montenegro

rent a cheap car in Montenegeo

Our company Budva Rent A Car has been working in Montenegro for more than 15 years and during this time we have devised a well-organized and well-established system of work, related services, and other companies. Below you can read frequently asked questions about renting a car in Montenegro.

How to see prices?

There is a built-in calculator in our webform for booking, when you choose the car's model and dates you will see the price per day and the total sum for your period, the price depends on the period of rent.

How to choose the best price?

We offer one of the lowest prices in Montenegro, but you can rent a car even cheaper. Here is the thing, the price depends on the season and the period of rent, so in July and august prices for car hiring in Montenegro are the highest, but since October they are getting much less. The price per day is higher if you rent it for 3 days than if you rent it for a week, two, or more. There are also special prices for long term rent.

How to get a discount?

We give a discount -5% if you have joined our Facebook group , at the end of the booking webform you just need to mark a checkbox with a sigh "I've joined group on Facebook", and your sum will be automatically changed according to the discount.

Discount for join Facebook group

We also have a great seasonal deals for long term rent for 30 days and more, to make order and get special price contact us by email, viber, whatsapp, or phone, and we will provide you, we'll assemble for you suitable offer.

Скидки до 50% Скидка Длительная аренда

Do cars have green cards?

Yes, all our cars have green cards but if you are planning to travel out of Montenegro, please, inform us before so we could check the validity period for you.

Which documents are needed for renting a car?

To rent a car in Montenegro all you need are your passport and driver's license.

If it is possible to have two drivers in the rent agreement?

Yes, second driver is a free option in our company.

Can I pay by card or online?

Yes, all options for payment are available in our company, you can pay online all the sum in advance, or to pay just 20% online and the rest sum when you get your car in Montenegro by cash or, by card.

Should I leave the deposit?

Yes, you leave a 100€ as a deposit by cash when you get a car and we return it to you when you give it back without damages.

Can I travel to other countries?

Yes, you can travel out of Montenegro, please, inform us before so we could check the validity period of the green card for you.

What I have to do in case of the car crash?

If you have a car crash call us by number +38269215284, we will call the police for you, remember even if you rent a car with insurance KASKO to cover damages with insurance you must have a police protocol!

What insurance can I choose?

All cars by default have compulsory insurance "OSAGO", it is already included in the price, but you can choose insurance KASKO by 5€/day, there is a field in our booking webform where you can choose it, and it will be plus to the price automatically.

Till which age, a child needs a baby seat?

In Montenegro children till 6 years old must sit in a baby seat in the car. We provide baby seats for free!

From what age a child allowed to sit on the front seat?

Since 12 years old a child is allowed to ride up front seat.

Can I rent a car without booking when I am already in Montenegro?

You can rent a car without booking, but we recommend you to book your car in advance the earlier the better, this way you economize cause the price for booking in advance is lower and you have a bigger choice of cars.

Should I submit prepayment?

Yes to book a car you have to make an advance payment 10% of the cost.

Do employees speak English?

Yes, our team Budva Rent a Car fluently speak english and german.

Is there a mileage limit?

There are no mileage limits, you can ride freely without worrying to pay more.

Will I get the exact car I chose or just the same class model?

We always strive to give you exactly what you ordered, but sometimes there are be unforeseen circumstances like something has broken or a client who rent it before you had a car crash, in this case, we do our best to give you same class model or even higher class car if it is available without additional payments!

Do you have more questions? Contact us by phone, viber or whatsapp to get a free consultation.